10 Lines on Bindusara in English

10 Lines on Bindusara in English | Few Lines on Bindusara

Bindusara was the second ruler of the Mauryan Empire.

Bindusara was the second Mauryan Emperor of India.

He was the son of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya and succeeded him as the ruler of the Mauryan Empire.

According to Jain texts, Bindusara’s mother was Durdhara.

He was one of the finest rulers of the Maurya Empire.

Bindusara was known for his military conquests and is said to have extended the empire to the southern parts of India.

Bindusara extended the Mauryan Empire by conquering several territories in present-day India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He was the father of the great Mauryan emperor Ashoka.

The city of Taxila was one of the major centres of Buddhism during his reign.

The legendary philosopher and teacher, Acharya Chanakya, played a key role in the reign of Bindusara.

Bindusara maintained friendly diplomatic relations with the Greeks.

Bindusara’s reign laid the foundation for the Golden Age of the Mauryan Empire under Emperor Asoka.

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