10 Lines on Buland Darwaza in English

10 Lines on Buland Darwaza in English 

Buland Darwaza is a magnificent gate located in Fatehpur Sikri, India.

It was built by Emperor Akbar in 1601.

He had built the Buland Darwaza to commemorate his victory over Gujarat. 

The name “Buland Darwaza” means “high gate” in Urdu.

It is the main entrance to the Jama Masjid at Fatehpur Sikri. 

The gate is made of red sandstone.

The total height of the structure from ground level is approximately 54 metres.

Buland Darwaza is considered a masterpiece of Mughal architecture.

It is a symbol of the grandeur and power of the Mughal Empire.

It attracts many visitors, who come to see its impressive design.

It is one of the most popular tourist places near Agra.

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