10 Lines on Bulb in English

10 Lines on Bulb in English 

A bulb is a small device that gives us light when we switch it on.  

Inside the bulb, there is a special part called a filament, which glows and produces light.

Bulbs are usually made of glass and have a metal part at the bottom.  

When we turn on the switch, electricity flows through the filament, making it hot and glowing. 

The glowing filament produces light that helps us see things in the dark.

Bulbs come in different shapes and sizes.  

Some bulbs use less electricity and are called energy-saving bulbs or LEDs. 

We need to be careful while handling bulbs because the glass can break easily. 

If a bulb stops working, it might be because the filament inside has burned out and needs to be replaced.

Bulbs are important inventions that light up our homes, schools and streets. 

It makes our life easier and safer. 

It is an important electronic device. 

Scientist Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb. 

Light bulbs are an important part of our daily lives.  

A bulb requires electricity to produce light. 

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