10 Lines on Church in English

10 Lines on Church in English 

A church is a place of worship and religious gathering for Christians. 

Christian people gather in the church and pray to God. 

People go to church to connect with their faith, learn about their religion, and find comfort in their beliefs.  

Churches can be found in many shapes and sizes. 

People of the Christian religion go to church daily for prayer. 

Church is called गिरजाघर in Hindi.  

It is a place of community, reflection, and spiritual growth. 

Inside, you will see rows of seats called pews.  

Prayers are offered by lighting candles in churches.

There is a priest called Father to conduct prayers in the church. 

People go to church and pray to God for a happy life. 

People themselves come to the church and confess their mistakes of their own free will.

The church is decorated every year on Christmas. 

There are many churches around the world. 

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