10 Lines on Haryana in English

10 Lines on Haryana in English | Few Lines on Haryana 

Haryana is a state in northern India.

Haryana is the 20th largest state in India.

The capital of Haryana is Chandigarh.

The total area of ​​Haryana is 44,212 km2.

There are total 22 districts in Haryana.

Faridabad is the largest city in Haryana.

The official language of Haryana is Hindi.

The state bird of Haryana is Black Francolin and the state flower is Lotus.

The state tree of Haryana is Peepal.

The capital city of Haryana is Chandigarh, which is also the capital of Punjab.

Haryana is an agricultural state and is one of the leading producers of food grains in India.

It is bordered by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the north, and by Rajasthan to the west and south, while river Yamuna forms its eastern border with Uttar Pradesh.

The state is also a major industrial hub, with industries such as automobiles, textiles, and engineering.

The majority of the population in Haryana follows Hinduism.

Haryana has a rich sports culture and is known for producing successful athletes in sports such as wrestling and kabaddi.

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