10 Lines on Jahangir in English

10 Lines on Jahangir in English | Few Lines on Jahangir 

Jahangir was the fourth emperor of the Mughal Empire.

His real name was Nur-ud-din Muhammad Salim.

He ruled the Mughal empire from 1605 until he died in 1627. 

Jahangir was born on 31 August 1569 at Fatehpur Sikri, present-day Uttar Pradesh.

Jahangir was the son of the third Mughal Emperor, Akbar the Great.

His mother’s name was Mariam-uz-Zamani.

Jahangir was one of the strong Mughal emperors.

He was thirty-six years old when he became the ruler of the Mughal dynasty.

Jahangir was fascinated with art and architecture.

Jahangir ruled the Mughal Empire for 22 years.

 He died on 28 October 1627 at the age of 58.

He was succeeded by his son, Shah Jahan, who went on to build the Taj Mahal.

He was the eldest son of Akbar.

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