10 Lines on Ninja Hattori in English

10 Lines on Ninja Hattori in English 

Ninja Hattori is a popular Japanese animated TV series.

The show follows the adventures of a young ninja named Hattori and his friends.

Hattori is sent to live with a normal family to learn about human culture.

Hattori-kun, is the protagonist of the series, a little ninja.

Ninja Hattori is 11 years old.

He uses his ninja skills to help his friend Kenichi and his family whenever they’re in trouble.

Hattori has a range of abilities, including martial arts, stealth, and shuriken throwing.

The show also features characters such as Hattori’s brother Shinzo and his rival Kemumaki.

Ninja Hattori is a hit among children for its humour, action, and relatable characters.

The show has been dubbed in many languages and has a huge following across Asia.

It is a popular animated series among kids.

Ninja Hattori has also inspired video games, movies, and merchandise.

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