10 Lines on Tansen in English

10 Lines on Tansen in English 

Tansen was a renowned Indian musician. 

He was one of the nine gems of Emperor Akbar’s court. 

He was commonly known as Sangeet Samrat. 

Tansen was born in Gwalior, India. 

The exact date and place of Tansen’s birth is not known. 

His father’s name was Mukund Ram Sen.  

His father was a wealthy poet and musician.

He is considered one of the greatest Hindustani classical music composers and vocalists. 

Tansen’s real name was Ramtanu Pandey, and he was also known as Mian Tansen.

He received his musical training from Swami Haridas, a renowned saint and musician.

Tansen’s performances in the court of Emperor Akbar earned him great fame and respect.

He died in either 1586 or 1589.

Akbar considered him one of the Navaratnas.

His most famous composition is “Miyan ki Malhar,”. 

He married Husseini.

He had four sons and one daughter.

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