10 Lines on Well in English

10 Lines on Well in English  

A well is a man-made hole in the ground that provides access to groundwater. 

Wells have been used for thousands of years to provide water for drinking, irrigation, and other purposes.

Some wells are dug by hand using shovels and picks, while others are drilled using machinery. 

The depth of a well can vary depending on the location and the geology of the area. 

Wells are constructed of concrete, brick, or other materials to prevent collapse and contamination. 

Water from wells needs to be treated before it is safe to drink. 

These wells are inexpensive. 

Wells can be found in rural areas. 

It can be owned and maintained by individuals or communities. 

Wells are considered sacred in some cultures. 

The invention of the well has had a profound impact on human civilization, enabling people to settle in areas where water is scarce.

Proper management and maintenance of wells are important for ensuring the continued availability of clean and safe water.

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