10 Lines on William Wordsworth in English

10 Lines on William Wordsworth in English

William Wordsworth was an English Romantic poet.

William Wordsworth was born on 7 April 1770 in England.

He was the son of John Wordsworth and Ann Cookson.

Wordsworth married his childhood friend Mary Hutchinson.

He was one of the leading poets of the Romantic Age.

Wordsworth is known for his love of nature and his use of everyday language in his poetry.

He is considered one of the pioneers of English Romanticism, along with Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Wordsworth’s most famous work is “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,” also known as “Daffodils.”

He was also a political and social commentator, often addressing the issues of the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.

Wordsworth co-wrote “Lyrical Ballads” with Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1798, which marked the beginning of the Romantic Age in English literature.

Wordsworth’s influence on English literature and poetry remains significant to this day.

He died on 23 April 1850 at the age of 80.

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