100 Sentences in Simple Present Tense

100 Sentences in Simple Present Tense 

1. I go to school every day.

2. She loves to dance.

3. He plays basketball on weekends.

4. We live in a big house.

5. They eat dinner at 6 p.m.

6. The Sun rises in the East.

7. Dogs bark loudly.

8. Cats sleep a lot. 

9. Birds chirp in the morning.

10. The Earth revolves around the Sun.

11. He works as a doctor. 

12. She sings beautifully.

13. We study for exams. 

14. They watch movies on Fridays.

15. The train arrives at 8 o’clock.

16. These are white elephants. 

17. The company produces high-quality products.

18. I enjoy reading books.

19. She walks to work.

20. He drives a blue car.

21. They speak Spanish fluently.

22. You are a brave boy. 

23. We play video games in the evening.

24. The teacher explains the lesson.

25. This is a green parrot. 

26. The river flows peacefully.

27. The alarm clock rings at 7 a.m.

28. I brush my teeth twice a day.

29. This is not a shopkeeper. 

30. He paints beautiful landscapes.

31. My India is great. 

32. Our school is in Lucknow. 

33. The computer processes data quickly.

34. The Sun sets in the West. 

35. The cat catches mice.

36. The children laugh and play.

37. I drink coffee in the morning.

38. She writes a poem for her friend.

39. He enjoys playing the guitar. 

40. They clean the house every weekend.

41. The flowers bloom in the spring.

42. The zoo is in Lucknow. 

43. The dog chases its tail.

44. Snake is poisonous. 

45. I wear glasses to read.

46. She listens to music while studying.

47. He studies hard for his exams.

48. They cook dinner together. 

49. The wind blows gently.

50. Elephant is an animal. 

51. The bus arrives at the bus stop.

52. I swim in the pool. 

53. She takes care of her plants.

54. Spider is an insect. 

55. They go shopping on Saturdays.

56. We write emails to our friends.

57. The teacher asks questions in class.

58. There is snowfall in winter. 

59. The birds build nests in trees.

60. I exercise in the morning.

61. She plays the piano beautifully.

62. He fixes cars for a living. 

63. Red Fort is in Delhi. 

64. We listen to the radio in the car. 

65. The child learns new things every day.

66. The river freezes in winter.

67. I practice yoga for relaxation.

68. She teaches English to foreign students.

69. He studies math for his upcoming test.

70. They run a marathon every year. 

71. We plant flowers in the garden. 

72. The dog barks at strangers.

73. The book tells an interesting story.

74. I take the bus to work. 

75. She draws amazing portraits.

76. He coaches a soccer team.

77. They meet at the coffee shop. 

78. We celebrate birthdays with cake.

79. Lizards are poisonous.

80. She brushes her teeth before going to bed. 

81. We go to the gym three times a week. 

82. I write in my journal every night.

83. Cow is a domesticated animal. 

84. The crow is very thirsty. 

85. They travel to different countries.

86. We listen to the news on the radio.

87. The movie starts at 7 p.m.

88. I drink a cup of coffee every morning. 

89. The children play in the park.

90. He enjoys playing the guitar in his free time. 

91. She practices yoga for inner peace.

92. He speaks French fluently.

93. The sailor is honest. 

94. We believe in the power of kindness.

95. The clock shows the correct time.

96. It feels good to help others.

97. The stars twinkle in the night sky. 

98. I follow a healthy diet.

99. She enjoys spending time with her family.

100. I usually read a book before going to sleep. 

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