10 Lines on Air Hostess in English

10 Lines on Air Hostess in English 

An Air Hostess is primarily responsible for passenger safety and comfort.

Air Hostess is also known as Cabin Crew, Steward, or Flight Attendant. 

Air Hostesses are trained professionals. 

Air hostesses greet passengers, and help them find their seats. 

During the flight, air hostesses serve meals, and beverages, and attend to passengers’ requests for additional assistance.

Air hostesses are responsible for providing medical assistance or coordinating with medical professionals in case of emergencies.

Air hostesses ensure the safety, comfort and satisfaction of the passengers on board the aircraft.

Air hostesses maintain a calm demeanour even in challenging situations.

Air hostesses are knowledgeable about flight information, including arrival and departure times. 

Air hostesses work in a team, collaborating with other cabin crew members, pilots, and ground staff to ensure a smooth and enjoyable flying experience.

Air hostesses follow the dress code.

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