10 Lines on Hide and Seek Game in English

10 Lines on Hide and Seek Game in English  

Hide and Seek is a popular children’s game.

Hide and seek has been played for generations. 

It can be played by three or more players. 

It is a popular game among children.

In the game one person is designated as the “seeker” and the rest as “hiders.” 

The seeker closes their eyes and counts to a predetermined number while the hiders find hiding spots.

In simple words, in this game one player counts the number with his eyes closed, while the rest of the players hide. 

Once the seeker finishes counting, he begins searching for the hiders.

The hiders remain quiet and unseen while trying to avoid being discovered. 

If a hider is found by the seeker, he is out of the game. 

The game continues until all the hiders have been found or a predetermined time limit is reached. 

The first hider to be found becomes the seeker in the next round. 

Hide and Seek can be played indoors or outdoors. 

The game of hide and seek is very exciting and easy. 

Hide and seek is called लुका-छिपी in Hindi. 

Hide and Seek is my favourite childhood game.

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