10 Lines on Bihar in English

10 Lines on Bihar in English | Few Lines on Bihar State 

Bihar is a state located in the eastern part of India.

Bihar is the 12th largest state in India.

The capital of Bihar is Patna.

The total area of Bihar is 94,163 km2.

There are total 38 districts in Bihar.

The largest city in Bihar is Patna

Bihar is one of the most populous states in India.

The official language of Bihar is Hindi. 

Urdu is the second official language of the state.

Hindi and Bhojpuri are the most spoken languages in Bihar.

The state animal of Bihar is Gaur.

The state bird of Bihar is the House Sparrow.

Peepal is the state tree of Bihar. 

Bihar shares its border with Uttar Pradesh to its west, Nepal to the north, West Bengal to the east, and Jharkhand to the south.

The majority of the population in Bihar practices Hinduism.

Ancient Nalanda University was located in the capital city of Patna. 

Bihar is the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh.

The history of Bihar dates back to ancient times, and it was an important centre of power, learning, and culture in ancient and medieval India.

The state is known for its rich cultural heritage, including its famous Buddhist pilgrim sites.

Bihar has a diverse economy with agriculture, small industries, and services sectors being the major contributors.

10 Lines on Bihar in English

Bihar is an Indian state.

Patna is the capital and largest city of Bihar.

Bihar has a rich educational heritage, with the ancient universities of Nalanda and Vikramashila being located in the state.

The official language of the state is Hindi, and the additional language is Urdu.

Bihar shares an international border with Nepal.

In recent years, the state government has launched several initiatives to boost the tourism industry, including the development of new tourist destinations and the promotion of local festivals and culture.

The state has a large population of migrant workers who work in various parts of the country and play a significant role in the national economy.

Bihar is also known for its sporting talent, with several notable sportspersons, including former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni, hailing from the state.

Despite being one of the most populous states in India, Bihar still faces several challenges, including poverty, unemployment, and low levels of human development.

Bihar has lagged behind other Indian states in terms of social and economic development.

However, with its rich history, cultural heritage, and growth potential, Bihar holds a bright future for its people and the country as a whole.

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