10 Lines on Gujarat in English

10 Lines on Gujarat in English | Few Lines on Gujarat 

Gujarat is a state located in the western part of India.

Gujarat is the fifth-largest state in India.

The capital of Gujarat is Gandhinagar.

The total area of Gujarat is 196,024 km2.

Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat.

There are total 33 districts in Gujarat.

Gujarati and Hindi are the official languages ​​of the state.

Gujarati is the most spoken language in Gujarat.

Kachchh district of Gujarat is the largest district in India. 

The state animal of Gujarat is the Asiatic lion, the state tree is Banyan, and the state flower is the Marigold.

Gujarat has a diverse culture and history, with influences from various civilizations.

It is known for its rich tradition of handicrafts, textiles, and intricate architecture.

Gujarat was the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, one of India’s most revered leaders.

The state is also known for its vibrant food scene, with many popular dishes such as dhokla, thepla and khandvi.

Gujarat is also an important industrial state, with a significant presence in sectors such as textiles, chemicals, and petrochemicals.

Gujarat has a rich maritime history and was an important centre for trade and commerce in ancient times.

The state is also home to several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, including the Gir Forest National Park, which is home to the Asiatic lion.

Gujarat is also a popular tourist destination, known for its monuments, temples, and beaches.

The State of Gujarat was established on 1 May 1960.

Gujarat has the longest coastline among states.

Jamnagar refinery is the largest oil refinery in the world.

The Narendra Modi Stadium, located in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat, is the largest cricket stadium in the world.

The dance forms, known as Garba and dandiya, are the most famous dances in the state.

Africa and Gujarat are the natural habitat zones for lions.

10 Lines on Gujarat in Hindi | गुजरात पर 10 लाइन

गुजरात भारत का पांचवां सबसे बड़ा राज्य है।

गुजरात की राजधानी गांधीनगर है।

गुजरात का कुल क्षेत्रफल 196,024 वर्ग किमी है।

अहमदाबाद गुजरात का सबसे बड़ा शहर है।

गुजरात में कुल 33 जिले हैं।

गुजराती और हिंदी राज्य की आधिकारिक भाषाएं हैं।

गुजराती गुजरात में सबसे अधिक बोली जाने वाली भाषा है।

गुजरात के अहमदाबाद शहर में स्थित नरेंद्र मोदी स्टेडियम दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा क्रिकेट स्टेडियम है।

गुजरात वह राज्य है जहां राष्ट्रपिता महात्मा गांधी का जन्म हुआ था।

गुजरात में अधिकांश जनसंख्या हिन्दू धर्म को मानती है।

गुजरात एक महत्वपूर्ण औद्योगिक राज्य है।

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