10 Lines on Lemon in English

10 Lines on Lemon in English 

Lemons are bright yellow citrus fruits.

Lemons are green or yellow in colour and round in shape. 

Lemons contain several vitamins and minerals. 

Lemons are a good source of Vitamin C. 

We can see the tiny seeds inside when we cut open a lemon.

Lemon trees have beautiful green leaves and grow in warm places. 

India, Mexico and China are the largest producers of lemons. 

Lemon is cultivated on a large scale in India.

The acid that is present in lemons is citric acid. 

The outermost thin, shiny layer of lemon is called the rind. 

Lemon water is a popular and healthy beverage believed to aid digestion and promote hydration. 

Lemon is called Nimbu (नींबू) in Hindi.  

Lemons have become an integral part of various cuisines worldwide. 

The scientific name of Lemon is Citrus limon. 

Lemon water is very beneficial for us. 

10 Lines on Lemon in English 

Lemon is a bright yellow fruit. 

Lemon is considered a citric fruit. 

The shape of the lemon is round. 

The taste of lemon is sour. 

They belong to the Rutaceae family and are scientifically named Citrus limon. 

Lemons are green or yellow in colour. 

There are seeds inside the lemon. 

Lemons contain vitamin C and citric acid.  

India is one of the largest producers of lemons in the world. 

Many people like to drink lemon water.  

Lemons have lots of juice, and we use the juice to make lemonade and other drinks.

People also use lemon juice to add flavour to food and make it taste better. 

It is believed that it helps us in weight loss. 

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