10 Lines on Babur in English

10 Lines on Babur in English | Few Lines on Babur  

Babur was a Central Asian conqueror and founder of the Mughal Empire in India.

His original name was Zahir-ud-din Muhammad.

He was born in Uzbekistan in 1483.

He was the son of Umar Sheikh Mirza.

He is considered one of the finest Mughal emperors.

He was the father of Humayun and grandfather of Akbar the Great.

In 1526, Babur defeated the Sultan of Delhi, Ibrahim Lodi, at the Battle of Panipat and established Mughal rule in India.

Babur died in 1530 and was succeeded by his son, Humayun.

Babur is considered a national hero in Uzbekistan.

He married several times.

Babur’s legacy lives on through his descendants, including Akbar the GreatJahangirShah Jahan, and Aurangzeb, who all went on to become significant rulers of the Mughal Empire.

He was also known for his diplomacy and ability to forge alliances with other rulers.

Babur was a prolific writer and composed poetry in both Persian and Turkish languages.

He was a patron of the arts and commissioned the construction of several beautiful gardens, such as the famous Bagh-e Babur in Kabul.

Babur’s descendants, including Akbar the Great, were known for their enlightened and progressive policies.

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